Debt Consolidation loan

Loan amount: $
* min: $2,000max: $50,000

Debt Consolidation

Almost 80% of us have a credit card and a lot of us have more than one card. If you have a mortgage and have a lot of expenses, debts with different interest rates, conditions, and balances can easily become stressful to manage.

If you’re struggling to cope with multiple loans, you should consider streamlining those stressful debts into something more flexible and manageable that’s tailored to your financial needs, budget and lifestyle. With debt consolidation you can keep track of all your loans and make one regular payment.

TLC are here to help you with your financial needs so call us today to discuss the various finance options you have.

The credit provider may look at your credit report and ask for:

Your latest payslips

Bank account statements

Copies of other credit contracts or bills

This is so they can verify your ability to meet the loan repayments

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