Incredible Work

I have just recently contacted and engaged your service to obtain finance to pay for my daughters surgery. I was aware that my daughter had been speaking with TLC about the loan and she had commented how helpful you had been, even though it eventuated that you were not able to broker the loan for her due to her income history.  I followed up with you and found the experience both efficient, friendly and understanding.  When I spoke with the operator at first she remembered dealing with my daughter and was very helpful. The speed with which things happened after my initial call was amazing.  I received emails immediately advising me of what to do and what had transpired so far.  It was easy to upload the documents requested and amount of information requested was very reasonable.  Follow up with some additional documents the following day was straightforward and the ability to send emails to the Admin @TLC mailbox and know that people would see and act on this this was great.  There was a feeling there was a small team of people there who knew what they were doing and what was going on and were committed to making this flow smoothly. The follow up advice on the loan and its approval was again so quick and straightforward and easy to follow.  I also really liked the fact that when I rang in at the end of this process the team member asked who the surgeon was and took the time to tell me how good the surgeon was.  This has been one of the best and most efficient, friendly and satisfying customer experiences I can recall.  I’ve worked in many settings and been involved in a number of customer service and customer experience service design teams.  You are doing things amazingly well. Thanks you all.